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Deanna Bledsoe

Founder and Education Director

Deanna started her career in IT almost 30 years ago as a Computer Programmer. In addition to being founder of Kai Coders, she is also the IT Leader for Delaware's Office of the State Treasurer.

Coding Fun Fact:  Her first program was written in 8th grade.  The program printed a sequence of 'X's on the screen in the shape of a Christmas tree using the programming language BASIC.


Gmerice Banks


Gmerice has been a computer programmer for over 25 years.  She was also a volunteer Teacher's Aid for pre-Kindergarten for twelve years.

Coding Fun Fact:  She loves listening to music while programming.  The louder the music is, the more focused her brain becomes! 


Michael Bledsoe


Mike has been developing customer software systems for over twenty years for industries such as healthcare, insurance, and government.  He is the founder and principal consultant at Kai Labs.

Coding Fun Fact:  The first video game he made was a Pong clone.

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