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Deanna Bledsoe

Founder and CEO

Deanna started her career in IT almost 30 years ago as a Junior Programmer and worked her way up to become the IT Director for Delaware's Treasury Department. 


During the Covid-19 pandemic she started teaching coding as a way for her 3rd grade daughter's Girl Scout Troop to earn STEM badges.  Those experiences transformed into Kai Coders.  Deanna retired early from her role with Treasury to focus solely on Kai Coders  and getting coding out to ALL kids.

Fun Fact: Deanna's wrote her first program in 8th grade using the programming language BASIC.  The program printed a sequence of 'X's on the screen in the shape of a Christmas tree! 🎄


Lynnie Mezzatesta

Events Coordinator

Lynnie has 15+ years experience in event planning for tech companies including SAS and Microsoft. Whether you're a kid or a C-suite executive, her customer support and engagement is unparalleled!

Fun Fact:  ** coming soon **


Jadyn Worthington

ML Curriculum and App Developer

Jadyn is a senior at the University of Delaware majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in AI and Robotics. He is also a member of Alpha Phi Aloha Fraternity, Vice President of the Black Student Union and founder of Men of Distinction.

Fun Fact:  The first game Jadyn ever played was Pokémon Diamond and the first game he ever beat and really enjoyed was Halo Reach.

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