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Paint Brushes


We are proud to partner with LESI (LAZARUS Educational Services Inc) to provide a youth STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) program to elementary school children in Wilmington's eastside


CodeMosaic is where art and computer science join together as children create interactive art pieces where children use their voices to communicate what is most important to them.

Motherboard Installation


Computer Science

Students learn what makes a computer a computer.  They crack open computers and learn all the internal and external components to get a deep understanding of what makes a computer tick.



Students will use Scratch coding - a block coding language developed by the folks at  the MIT Media  Lab for kids -  to learn coding fundamentals such as algorithms, events, debugging, loops, conditionals, and more!




Art is a critical component to our program.  Kids either draw digital images or create their own unique artwork on paper, which is then uploaded into their coding projects.  Kids are delighted to see their own images come to life as either project backgrounds, or as animated sprites!


Project Presentations (Demos!)

At the end of our program, CodeMosaic students practice and refine their public speaking skills as they present their final art and coding projects.  In addition to celebrating their work, they are inspired by their classmates' projects.

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