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A Bit of Background
Image by Ian Schneider

Kai Coders introduces coding to kids that moves them beyond simply being users of tech to being creators of tech, preparing them for success in our digital world by changing the way they interact with technology.  


We recognize the gender and diversity gaps in computer science achievement and strive to increase awareness and acceptance of this field to individuals of all genders and backgrounds.  Our goal is to introduce coding to students at a young age to build confidence and awareness of the enormous opportunities that exist in the field of computer science and to develop relevant skills that are needed in today’s world. 


We have a unique approach to working with teachers and students and can incorporate coding into any and every subject including math, reading, science, social studies, SEL, music, art and even phys. ed!  


In our classes, we practice the spirit of “Aloha”: a feeling of welcoming, kindness, inclusivity, and community.  We acknowledge that not only are mistakes OK, but they are welcomed and a necessary part of learning, problem solving, building confidence, and developing a growth mindset to embrace new challenges. 

Image by Brett Jordan

Growth Mindset

Kids in our program become great problem solvers.  They learn persistence and realize that it may take many attempts to come to a good solution.


At Kai Coders,  we embrace putting in effort and making mistakes as part of the learning process.

Showcasing Progress

Giving project demonstrations is a big part of the learning process.  In addition to learning how to put together a cohesive and explanatory presentation, students get the opportunity to shine and show off their creations.

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